Fender Versus Gibson

Iconic American Guitar Companies

Gibson is based in Nashville, Tennessee. Founded in 1902 by Orville Gibson to make mandolins, Gibson invented archtop guitars by building carved, arched tops, as used on violins.

Fender is particularly known for solid-body electric guitars, including the Stratocaster and Telecaster. The company was founded in Fullerton, California, by Leo Fender in 1946.


Gibson's most famous model is probably the Les Paul.

That model has come in a great variety, from the budget “Junior” model to the expensive Custom Shop models.

Gibsons typically come with humbucking pickups.

Famous Gibson Players

Bob Marley

Joan Jett

Bibi McGill

Sonny Sharrock

Joni Mitchell

Mick Jones


Fender's most famous model is undoubtedly the Stratocaster. Other influential Fender models include the Telecaster, Jazzmaster, Jaguar, and Precision bass.

Fender guitars are best known for single-coil pickups.

Famous Fender Players

Albert Hammond Jr

Curtis Mayfield

Nile Rogers

Jonny Greenwood

PJ Harvey

Lee Ranaldo